The Jump

A world of brutal sex and casual violence.

Implementing ‘the jump’ takes Donna into a twilight world she never believed existed. THE JUMP, which became a top-rated television drama, is a gripping story of life on the inside and the outside of one of Britain’s toughest prisons. Donna Brunos worships her husband and is devastated when he is jailed for armed robbery. Georgio swears he’s been set up and persuades Donna to help him escape. She is confronted by a series of shattering revelations that threaten not only everything she believes in but also, ultimately, her own life…

Paperback: 736 Pages

Publisher: Headline

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0755374088

ISBN-13: 9780755374083



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"Amazing Book, Love it!" Bookswarm
"Martina Cole pulls no punches, writes as she sees it, refuses to patronise or condescend to either her characters or fans" Independent on Sunday

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Martina’s Prison Series

‘I’ve always been an advocate of education in prisons’ For years Martina Cole has visited and worked within prisons across the UK. A passionate advocate of rehabilitation and education within the prison system, Martina has taught creative writing class

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